Jiangsu BOCKSS Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is the first specialized company dedicated to research , development, production and sale of complete set of conveying equipment for air compressor systems in China. Our company has specialized design, technical and installation personnel to provide whole-system solutions for repair-shops of 4S stations of various automotive brands, large modern factory and vocational schools, including design, installation, maintenance and training to make due contributions to energy-saving and green industrial products in industries.
For the research and diagnosis of existing compressed air supply, we have summarized various problems with compressed air systems in use on the market and developed products related to a complete set of air supply systems using state-of-the-art technologies.
As the integrator of compressed air supply systems, we aim at minimizing the operating costs of users and increasing customers’ work efficiency.
We will unremittingly go forward on the road of building up our own brand Our ultimate Goal: one-time installation provides peace of mind throughout product lifecycle.
Honest and integritybe responsible to customers, the company, colleagues and society.
Open collaboration—resource sharing and teamwork
Market-driven—customer satisfaction is our mission.
Corporate goal—deliver more and more outstanding products to more and more customers to benefit and satisfy customers.